Todd Rundgren is going to make Woodstock a rock town again

altIt became known that famous rock musician, singer and the owner of Utopia Studios in Bearsville (his company situated not far from the Bearsville Theater) Todd Rundgren has an intention to return rock in Woodstock by performing few shows like his concert in Bearsville Theater this Tuesday.

Lansana Conte, the President of Guinea, passed away

altAccording to the information received from Conarky (Guinea), the president of this African country passed away this Tuesday. Mr. Conte was known as the president and dictator of Guinea, who managed to rule this country in a severe way during a quarter of the century after seizing power in a state coup.

Trish Stratus came back on “WWE Monday Night Raw”

altThe fans of the popular WWE Woman’s championship were in shock when found out about the returning of such great star as Trish Stratus that was rather unexpected after her sensational retiring in 2006. Her comeback happened last night during “WWE Monday Night Raw”.

Huang’s video became a sensation among Chinese Internet users!

altMillions of Chinese Internet users had an unpleasant opportunity to watch the so-called Huang’s video containing pornographic materials. 

Pinnacle PCTV HD Mini Stick appeared to make your life comfortable!

altAs you’ve probably noticed, Christmas will be in 3 days. If you didn’t choose yet the Christmas present for your friend, then new Pinnacle PCTV HD Mini Stick is the best solution of your problem. Judge by yourself, this new suitable and portable device can make your life much easier, especially if you are a great fan of HD and SD TV fan, but don’t have an opportunity to pay for service fees.

Famous TV host Bob Bowersox left QVC!

altOne of the most famous and beloved American TV hosts Bob Bowersox informed about his intention to leave QVC after 20 years of career on it.

Such shocking information spreads among the fans of the popular TV anchor Bob Bowersox. According to numerous posts, Bob Bowersox is evidently leaving QVC as he has already announced his decision about leaving QVC during the weekend broadcasting of his show.

Who is Julie Chen?

altIf you still don’t know anything about famous TV anchor Julie Chen, the following information is for you. All the fans of CBS channel know Julie Chen as the anchorwoman of the popular News’s weekday morning issue called The Early Show. By the way she is an anchor of this CBS broadcasting since October 2002.

Successful scientific breakthrough in diagnosing SMA disease

altAccording to the last scientific repots, the problem of diagnostics of dangerous disease as SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) is partly solved. The group of US geneticists made the statement where they declared about the new research that helps to identify the most widespread genetic diseases as SMA in a laboratory environment.

The Apaches’ chief Geronimo still is a great part of American history

altTimes of the bloody battles between the Apaches’ tribes and their pale faced enemies passed by many years ago. But such great Apaches’ chiefs as Geronimo, whose death’s anniversary will be next year on the 18th of December, are still a great part of American history. That’s why it’s no wonder that the ancient monuments and places of that period of the USA history are very famous among the modern Americans.

Portland Trail Blazers won over the Phoenix Suns thanks to Brandon Roy

altAll the fans of the famous NBA team Portland Trail Blazers have to be thankful to magnificent Brandon Roy who managed to score 52 points this Thursday for his team that were enough to win over the Phoenix Suns.


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