Keeping fit and healthy should be a goal for all of us. We only have one body so we should look after it, and staying in shape and improving our level of fitness is the way to do it.

Regardless of our age, colour or background, we all have the opportunity to increase our general levels of fitness. This does not mean that we have to sign up to a gymnasium or health club and punish ourselves on gym equipment every day. No, keeping fit is a very personal thing - what might suit one person may not be to the taste of another.

Finding an activity, sport or general recreation that keeps us active is all it takes. Anything from a moderate to strenuous walk two or three times each week, to attending a Yoga or Pilates class will help improve overall fitness.

If you are overweight or obese fitness is definitely for you too. When we are overweight our body becomes inefficient. It takes more energy and effort for our heart to pump oxygen-laden blood around our system to our organs. This alone can knock years off our life expectancy. By improving your fitness level you\'ll make your heart and lungs stronger and also start losing weight, giving you back those lost years.