Plenio VXA-2100 is the best GPS navigator!

altThe Plenio VXA-2100 GPS becomes more popular thanks to its 7-inch wide and very convenient touch-screen the navigation by means of which proposes the possibility of a broader and clearer view to lead exactly to the place of your desirable destination without any problems connected to navigation. Just imagine you can operate with all the main functions of this device only with one touch! Fascinating, isn’t it? But it is not all the options that Plenio VXA-2100 offers to you. You may use its wide screen for watching your favorite movies and playing games you like by means of attached DVD and gaming devices. The GPS navigator also gives the foreign driver the possibility of using the option of a voice guidance for which he can choose his native language. 

The entire US map is included in the provided SD card and there is no need to download mapping information from your computer. The slim, lightweight Plenio VXA-2100 boasts a built-in media player that provides a powerful entrйe to a number of multimedia functions such as picture viewing, playing videos, games and music. Couple this with the wireless FM transmitter, and you can enjoy video and music files stored on your SD card over your vehicle stereo speakers. Just set your FM radio to a predetermined frequency.

Options of Plenio VXA-2100: 

- Real-time rendered maps provide virtually no delay between actual and displayed position;

- Turn-by-turn voice guidance available in multiple languages;

- Automatic zoom feature: map level automatically according to vehicle speed to provide optimum level of map detail; 

- 2D and 3D map perspective;

- Day /night view settings;

- AV input port: 7\" monitor can be used as in-car display for DVD players, gaming devices, etc. 

- DIVX Video Player, audio player, photo slide show, puzzle game supported.