New TV series “Leverage” was recently launched on TNT

altWhat is so peculiar in this show? I guess we know already all about the possible variants of a development of a plot of any criminal TV series. But the creators of Leverage managed to make their show interesting and intriguing by giving the different from the others vantage point of a criminal investigation. To compel your attention they created the drama thriller “Leverage”, which deals with a group of criminals when they take vengeance on prosperous companies and rich people. This new and promising TV show has recently started on TNT and describes the life of new Robin Hood, performed by the famous actor Timothy Hutton, and it has already made the critics and viewers talk about it a lot.

As Dean Devlin, the executive producer of the show and the creator of such well-known movies as The Patriot and Independence Day, informed to the press that the crew wanted to create a show that had to be not as gloomy and cruel as CSI-conception. He also said: “I was looking to do a show for the whole family but doesn\'t talk down to you”.

Fortunately, Devlin\'s efforts combined with lead star Timothy Hutton\'s portrayal of an insurance investigator that gets screwed over by his own employer, have earned praises from the likes of Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide. 

“They\'re adults. You don\'t find that much in Hollywood,” said Devlin, who loves the relative hands-off nature of TNT, a sentiment echoed by Steve Bochco over the summer for his show Raising the Bar. “Maybe it\'s because they\'re in Atlanta and not caught up in the game.”

And though the pace of Leverage is a bit fast and a fair amount of the dialogue is snappy, Hutton brings a melancholy air to the proceedings, which keeps the show on an even keel.

\"Really good shows have a common denominator, whether it\'s Mad Men, The Wire or The Sopranos. The people who created and write them have clear ideas of what the shows are,\" Timothy Hutton said. \"I hope people feel that way about Leverage and the revenge/justice aspect.\"

Apart from Leverage, Timothy Hutton is also working on a couple of films including the drama Multiple Sarcasms, John Krasinski\'s Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, the comedy Serious Moonlight, the family drama Broken Hill and the mystery thriller Identity. 

Catch a new episode of Leverage every Tuesday night at 10pm on TNT.