The murderer of Jana Shearer was found dead

altThis year the citizens of the United States, especially those from Texas, were horrified by the shocking and horrific murder of Jana Shearer. We want to remind that the main suspect was her boyfriend Christopher McCuin who was accused of murdering the young woman and eating the parts of his former girlfriend’s body. 

The new facts about this horrific case made us to draw our attention to Christopher McCuin again. As the Texas authorities informed, the accused man was found dead in his prison cell last Sunday.

Smith County Jail transported the body of the murderer to East Texas Medical Center. And the following autopsy confirmed the fact of his death.

According to Gary Pinkerton’s, the Smith County Chief Deputy, words, the local authorities don’t suspect that the death of McCuin was shady, the deputy also emphasized that the prisoner was alone in his jail cell and that no one was visiting him before his death. James Meredith, who ordered an autopsy, confirmed the statement of Gary Pinkerton.


However, the death of Christopher McCuin will be investigated by the representatives of Texas Rangers.

McCuin, 26, of Tyler, was charged with capital murder in January in the death of 21-year-old Jana Shearer, of Whitehouse. Police said they found an ear boiling in a pot on a stovetop at the crime scene, and a hunk of flesh on a plate and impaled on a fork at the kitchen table. Authorities say it was unclear whether McCuin consumed any part of the woman\'s body.

Amy Gage, a friend and neighbor of Shearer\'s, said friends and family have mixed emotions over McCuin\'s death.

\"Part of you is wanting to see him stand trial for what he did and have his day in court, the other part of you is basically relieved because he will never be able to hurt anyone again,\" Gage told the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

\"We\'ve all been worried about her mother having to go through everything again in court. You don\'t want her to have to deal with it, but I guess God stepped in and took over. It\'s kind of a relief,\" she said. \"I feel bad for his family.\"

McCuin had been indicted in February in Shearer\'s Jan. 4 death and was being held on $2 million bond.