Visanthe Shiancoe was caught naked in the locker room!

altThis incident has recently happened during the ordinary shooting of the postgame video that was broadcasted on Sunday. So, that’s why all the fans of the Minnesota Vikings had a chance to watch one of their favorite players practically naked in the locker room of the popular team.

This involuntary striptease, performed by Visanthe Shiancoe, lasted no longer than a fifth of a second and was caused by the slipping of a tight end of the towel. As NFL and Fox Sports representatives informed, this incident lasted less than a second. We can trust them because it was a Fox Channel that was shooting the usual postgame film of the Vikings while they were celebrating the triumph over Detroit’s team.

As you may guess less than an hour, this provocative image of the naked Visanthe Shiancoe was already on the Web. As the editor of a web site, where this photo appeared, informed, a lot of viewers who thought they saw something naughty rewound their DVRs, used freeze frame and found out that they had indeed seen something naughty, and then e-mailed off the photos.

Commentary on what this means our society is coming to -- I mean, really, taking photos off TV because a guy\'s towel slips and your first instinct is to post them on the Web? -- aside, Fox Sports apologized and NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league regretted the incident.

\"It was unfortunate,\" Aiello said. \"These are long-standing procedures we have. The televising network, upon request and with the permission of the club, is allowed to record and videotape in the post-game locker room setting. We\'ll review the procedures with the networks this week.\"

As of midafternoon Monday, one clip of the locker room scene reportedly had received 145,000 hits and was on track to become the leader in one-day hits (beating out a compilation of ESPN anchor Chris Berman\'s angriest moments). 

By the way, a gossip columnist at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune did track down Shiancoe, a 6-foot-4, 250-pound tight end, at a private postgame party. Shiancoe wasn\'t thrilled to know how famous he had become for non-football-playing reasons.