Find out more about the burl wood!

altI bet that not all of you, people, have any clue what is so peculiar with this burl wood. I should reveal some light on this – you see, burl wood is a unique sort of wood; it is widely used by artists for creation of different pieces of art like sculptures, for instance. Some people also make clocks from burl wood or various pieces of furniture. The most peculiar feature of burl wood is its extraordinary forms and unique patters of the rings, that’s why a lot of artists prefer to create their masterpieces by means of this type of wood. 

You should also understand that such type of wood is common only to the abnormal growth that some trees have. Burl wood appears as a result of some damage that tree has survived through. Usually it means some kind of environmental damage that can be caused by many factors like a fungous attack or the consequences of an insects’ attack. 

The number of trees that produce burl wood is quite low. In addition, certain areas tend to create more burl wood than others, because all or many of the trees in a particular location are likely to be attacked by the same fungus or insects. Certain species also tend to be more susceptible to attacks and, therefore, more likely to develop burl wood. For this reason, certain types of burl wood are more rare and prized than others. 

Often, a tree that has developed burl wood is still quite healthy. In fact, many trees with burl wood can go on to live for many more years. Other trees develop burl wood offshoots that are so large and heavy that they create additional stress on the tree and can cause the tree to die.

When used in woodcrafting, burl wood is removed from the tree, preferably after the tree has already died in order to avoid killing the tree. It is then cut open in order to review the pattern inside. Sometimes, a single burl wood offshoot can produce several different pieces for an artist to work with.

Some burl wood offshoots develop regular growth rings that simply grow at an accelerated rate. This type of burl wood is not as sought after by artists as other forms of burl wood, because the patterns on this wood are not as interesting to look at. The majority of woodworking artists prefer burl wood that grows in irregular patterns that swirl and contain what are referred to as eyes – small spots that develop on the wood. While pieces with unusual patterns are the most desired form of burl wood, they are also the most difficult to work with. This is because the irregular patterns of burl wood make it harder to saw, chisel, and cut without splitting the wood or accidentally cutting it in the wrong direction.