WGBA, WBAY, WFRV, WLUK are ready for the digital changeover

altThe most of the local TV stations situated in Northeastern Wisconsin started sharply at 6:10 p. m this Wednesday to test the equipment in order to get prepared for digital changeover that will happen on the 17th of February. 

In case your television wasn’t prepared for these digital changes you may see such message on the screen of your TV set: “If you are seeing this, your television is not DTV ready”.

During the next 3 hours the spokesmen from WGBA, WBAY, WFRV, WLUK and some different local TV companies and cable stations answered the questions from their clients concerning the DTV broadcasting. As Willie Garrett from NBC26, who was helping his colleagues to answer the customer’s calls, he was very surprised to watch such customers’ stir.

Those affected by the transition are only those that use antennae or \"rabbit ears\" to watch local stations. One of the commissioners from the FCC was in Green Bay today to oversee the call center. \"I\'m very worried about it (the changeover) because there are 20 million household that rely exclusively on over the air T.V.,\"Copps said. 

Consumers that failed the test must buy a converter box to prepare for the digital changeover. The government offers coupons, to get one call 1(888) DTV- 2009. All analog TV\'s will go black on February 17th, 2009.