Infrared cameras will help to avoid breast cancer

altMost of the women of the modern world have the risk of getting breast cancer. The modern approach of the diagnosing of this form of cancer was limited by mammogram for detection of the possible disease. Every girl or woman who experienced this procedure may say that it was rather painful and unpleasant, because mammography supposes the temporal pressing of a woman’s breast between 2 metal plates for diagnosing and detecting of cancerous tissues. As you may guess some women just refuse to do this procedure because of discomfort and unpleasant feelings during it.

That’s why the newest research gives all the women a chance of getting the diagnosing of breast without painful procedure by means of infrared cameras. The new ICI 7320 P series camera manages to gather the infrared emanation produced the human body to find out the possible temperature fluctuation of the cutaneous covering. The principle of the work of this device deals with such scheme - increased blood flow and growing cancerous tissue produces more heat than non-cancerous tissue making areas of concern evident to the physician as the ICI 7320 P series has the ability to see heat and measure temperature to one hundredth of a degree.


“In its class, the ICI 7320 P series is the most sensitive camera in the world”, says Gary Strahan, the CEO of Infrared Cameras Inc., producer of the camera. “This infrared camera and software system was designed specifically to image and measure temperature on the human body. This benefits women by giving their doctors a new tool offering a comfortable, non-invasive procedure that works right alongside mammography. Some forms of breast cancer form blood vessels near the surface of the skin to feed cancerous tissue and this is where our ICI 7320 P series camera excels to locate potential problem areas for the patient. We are helping in the fight against breast cancer by offering a system that may detect what a mammogram may not.

Infrared Cameras Inc. builds both handheld and stationary cameras for a number of applications and began developing a medical infrared camera nearly 3 years ago. Increasing worldwide demand for thermal imaging systems has helped provide lower cost components and in effect helped Infrared Cameras Inc. bring medical infrared imaging to the forefront in this new, advanced field of medical research and testing. Very few physicians know how to interpret a thermal image of the human body and Infrared Cameras Inc. is now working with several leading doctors and researchers to explore new diagnostic possibilities with the ICI 7320 P series infrared camera.