The useful proposal from WHUD and K104 concerns snowfalls’ problems

altAccording to the received information from Fallsburg, there is a new offer from WHUD and K104 that gives a possibility to find out about all the upcoming changes concerning snowstorms. Right now the citizens of this area can order such offer – there will be a text message on your cell phone warning about the delay of airplane departure or closing of a school. Convenient, isn’t it? You have a chance to control your life and to plan your time beforehand.

Such great opportunity is given by radio station WHUD (Beacon\'s 100.7) and K104.7 (supported by WHUD). They provide to all who wants to know an offer of receiving free text messages about delays and closings for many of schools , governmental offices of the region ( also there can be included Ulster, Orange and Sullivan regions).

The service, offered by the stations\' owner, Pamal Broadcasting, is free, although some cell phone providers might charge for the texting service.

To sign up, a user goes to the station\'s Web page,, fills out contact information, then checks a box for districts they want to receive notices from. It is available where school districts or agencies have signed up with the storm-report service.

\"We just kicked it off,\" said WHUD\'s program director Steven Petrone, adding that the station has tested the text-messaging service and is confident it has worked out the bugs. \"We\'ll see how it works when we get our first big snowstorm.\"

The station is also looking into adding notifications and instant weather reports by e-mail. Districts can sign up for the texting service at no charge.

The Fallsburg School District has been using WHUD\'s storm service for years. Otherwise, only Fallsburg, Monticello, the Hebrew Day School of Sullivan and Sullivan County Community College are signed up in Sullivan.

Fallsburg Superintendent Ivan Katz says it is a no-brainer for school districts to join. \"This is just another vehicle,\" for communication, he said.