Kelly Ann Abdo appeared in the court again

altThe well-known case of Ms. Kelly Ann Abdo, the former teacher of Monroe High School, is still being investigating in the court. This Monday Ms. Abdo appeared in court because of the charges brought against her. We want to remind to you that the 27-year-old ex-teacher is accused of having sexual contact with 2 under-age students.

The last hearing of this case took place in First District before Judge Terrence Bronson. The charges that were brought against her concern her indecent behavior, particularly indecent exposure that causes a penalty of 1 year in prison and paying a fine at the rate of 1,000 dollars.

The charges deal with suspicion that Ms. Abdo had several sexual contacts with her 17-year-old student, particularly concerning the incident that happened at the car parked nearby Riverview Ave.

Two other students saw them in the car, according to Monroe County sheriff\'s deputies. The Monroe County Prosecutor\'s Office charged Ms. Abdo with indecent exposure because under Michigan law a teacher and a student can have sexual relations legally if the student is 18 or over.

Ms. Abdo remains on paid administrative leave. She faces a school tenure hearing in January after the Monroe Public Schools Board of Education moved to terminate her last summer.
The Luna Pier resident\'s official name is Kelly Anne Abdo, her maiden name. The judge made the correction since initial reports used Bussell, her husband\'s last name. 

She was released on bond. Since she lives close to the Ohio border, Judge Braunlich allowed her to travel to Toledo to conduct job interviews. 

Ms. Abdo was hired by Monroe Public Schools in 2004-05.