NBA Wizards’ new star Nick Young has to win!

altThe fans of the popular NBA team “Wizards” ask themselves and each other: will the new tactics help the team to win next time?

The situation seems to be more difficult as the management of the team informs because all that can be noticed is the constant losses of Wizards. Last Sunday Verizon Center became the witness of the new tactics of the team when the Wizards’ new players began the training for increasing chances for winning. Later to such new stars as Nick Young, for example, the veterans of the team were joined. 

We want to remind to you that only a victory can help the team to continue the further participation in the NBA championship because the Wizards have already faced the second loss. 

But according to the head coach Ed Tapscott’s words, he hopes for the best and that there are great chances for winning the next game. “That’s half your active roster, guys who are 23 and under. Part of what they have to learn is a regular routine of doing certain things. Right now, like most young guys, their routine is no routine”, he said.

Washington (4-17) seeks to establish a winning routine tonight against visiting Indiana (7-16). The Wizards need something positive.

After Thursday’s 122-88 loss to Boston, Antawn Jamison questioned the focus of some of his teammates.

In Saturday’s 104-89 loss at Philadelphia, there were signs of Tapscott’s exasperation with McGee, his starting center, who played only 5 minutes, 31 seconds, and guard Young, who played only 4:12, 11 minutes fewer than in any game this year.

After a solid start, Young has slumped in his last four games, hitting 4 of 17 shots with 16 points and six assists in 57 minutes.

“Someone asked me last night, is he in my doghouse,” said Tapscott. “I don’t have a doghouse for bad play. I have a palace for good play.”

In the backcourt, the current palace residents are DeShawn Stevenson and newly acquired Mike James, who had 16 points each Saturday, both hitting 6 of 12 shots from the floor. Along with Juan Dixon (10 points), the Wizards struggling backcourt had 42 points, its third most this season.

Too often this season, however, the palace has been vacant, with fewer recent visits from the Wizards young players.

“I don’t want them to see it as punishment,” said Tapscott of Sunday’s extra practice. “I want them to see it as us doing everything we can to help them develop as quickly as possible.”