HBO presents new show “Cat Dancers” with Ron and Joy Holiday

altHBO became famous partly because of its fascinating documentary shows like its new hit of the season \"Cat Dancers,\" in which we can watch the brightest episodes from the life of Ron and Joy Holiday, the family of animal trainers. The way they treat the white tigers, leopards and jaguars is astonishing and courageous because it’s not hard for them to kiss the big cat’s nose or to play with a tiger cub.

But besides this peculiar feature of the Holidays I can name one more interesting detail of their life that probably made this show very popular. You must understand that in fact there is not only Rob and Joy who love each other and their big cats, but also Chuck Lizza, who loves both Rob and Joy. Rather interesting kind of relationship, don’t you think so?

Airing tonight at 8 on HBO, filmmaker Harris Fishman\'s debut documentary follows the lives and careers of the Holidays, who went from being childhood friends in Maine to being married dancers who performed at Radio City Music Hall. 

When actor William Holden gave Ron and Joy a leopard cub, a new act was born. Through the years, they acquired more exotic cats. And when they met Chuck in the mid-\'80s, their act acquired a third party. So did their marriage. 

That is all I\'m going to say about “Cat Dancers” because the film is a strange, meandering journey best taken when you don\'t know where it\'s going. And even if you aren\'t surprised by the fates of Ron, Joy and Chuck, you might be very shocked by how much you care. 

But you shouldn\'t be. Thanks to some of our more adventurous cable and network shows, we are falling for the kind of love stories that don\'t start with flowers and end with golden anniversaries. And these ill-fated couples make for very absorbing TV.