Natalie Zea shares the secrets of \"Dirty Sexy Money\"

altIn response to all of you who don’t understand what is such big deal with this new ABC TV series \"Dirty Sexy Money\" we want to inform that you can’t drop watching it if you have already watched at least one episode of it. What is such big deal? Judge by yourself – the main characters are beautiful, smart and Rich (this means that they have a lot of money that you can’t even imagine).

This fascinating show describes the life of the rich, privileged and powerful family - the Darlings. ABC broadcasts it every Wednesday at 10 p. m.

And recently one of the brightest stars of this show Natalie Zea shared the secrets concerning \"Dirty Sexy Money\" with the fans. First of all, the young actress told about her character Karen, who leads the family business being also a socialite. This gorgeous woman also had already 3 husbands and is going to find the 4th one. Her best friend is Nick with whom she had her first sex and to whom she still appeals when requires some “help”.

Despite that fact she has yet another fiancй. And he is married. It sounds delicious already, doesn\'t it?

We surmised it must be fun to play characters that are so rich- surely some of those.

\"We\'ve been a part of some locations that have been pretty crazy,\" she told us, citing a recent example when the cast filmed in Bulgari (famed Italian jewelry). At one point, a rep from the store decided her neck looked naked, and adorned it with \"about a million dollars worth of jewels.\"

Appropriately enough, the family name in \"Dirty Sexy Money\" is Darling. The Darlings are \"absurdly wealthy,\" and as such constantly find themselves mixed up in questionable situations with questionable people. 

Natalie Zea grew up in Monahans, Texas, moving to New York immediately following high school graduation to pursue a dramatic career. She studied under scholarship at the American Music and Dramatic Academy, graduating in two years to a steady stream of work. After a steady commercial and voiceover workload, her agent convinced Natalie to go for the role of Gwen Hotchkiss Winthrop on NBC\'s \"Passions.\" Reluctant to move away from New York, she auditioned anyway, and moved out to L.A. once she got the part, where she\'s been ever since! 

Also starring in \"Dirty Sexy Money\": Peter Krause as Nick George, Donald Sutherland as Tripp Darling, and William Baldwin as Patrick Darling.