Todd Homme from reality show Lifetime\'s Blush passed away

altThe fans of the popular TV reality show \"Blush: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist” that being broadcasted on Lifetime are in shock and grief, because one of the contestants of it has recently passed away. Todd Homme (real name is Todd Robert Wallace) passed away unexpectedly at the age of 23 during his night sleep at his apartment in Manhattan, NY. According to Todd Homme’s mother, the case of her son’s death is being investigated and his family hopes to find out the reason of such suspicious death as sooner as possible. The funeral of Mr. Homme will be held today.

We want to remind to you that Todd Homme was one of the finalists of the famous TV show “Blush”, the last episode of it will be broadcasted today at night.

Homme was found dead by his partner Neal Krogh, 34. Homme was in good health, his mom says Todd stayed up all night with her, went to sleep in the daytime the next day, and then passed in his sleep.

The show is about contestants competing for Max Factor makeup artist contract with a prise of $100,000. Reportedly his services will be today, Wednesday, with a burial on Thursday at noon.