Valerian root can help to cure of insomnia

altAs you probably know insomnia is one of the most wide-spread sleep disorders in the world. According to the statistics, annually citizens of the USA spend about 98 $million on purchasing different sleep medicines (very often illegal aids) and 50 million dollars on caffeine tablets for staying awake as long as it possible. Ironic, isn’t it? 

For example, Roy Hall suffered from chronic insomnia during 5 years and tried to take all the possible sleep medicines to bring back the normal sleep. According to his words, he could fall asleep for more than 3 or 4 hours, he tried to drink a glass of warm milk, but it also didn’t help him. Everything was in vain until he began to take valerian root as a sleep medicine.

Like many people, Roy sought relief from over the counter sleep medications. Doctor Reena Mehra, a sleep specialist, says it\'s not wise to just reach for a pill because most have side affects. \"People can actually have difficulty focusing or concentrating during the daytime in older folks it can preciptate falls because it affects cognition.\"

Studies show herbal remedies like valerian root may help induce sleep and melatonin is naturally produced in the body, but buyer beware. It\'s not FDA regulated so you don\'t know about the quality or purity of what you\'re getting.

Roy\'s problem became so bad he started using prescription meds. One caused an unusual side affect. His wife says, \"When I saw him stumbling around getting out pots and pans insisting on cooking I went for the video camera and videotaped it. It really scared me.\" The medication made Roy sleep walk. 

So he tossed the pills and is now trying a drug-free method, one that doctor Mehra likes to try on patients first. \"Relaxation strategies such as progressive muscle relaxation stimulus control techniques where you\'re trying to associate the bedroom with sleep and then cognitive behavioral therapy.\"

Roy\'s taking part in a first of a kind sleep group therapy. Hopefully he\'ll learn the tools to take control of his rest and get what he needs most, a good night\'s sleep.