Huang’s video became a sensation among Chinese Internet users!

altMillions of Chinese Internet users had an unpleasant opportunity to watch the so-called Huang’s video containing pornographic materials. 

According to the Shanghai police reports and official statements, the investigation of the illegal spread of the video containing obscene information (the Chinese legislation forbids the pornography spread). Right now the local representatives of Chinese police in Shanghai suspect the woman that appeared in this shocking video. Such charges as illegal filming of sex video with her participation and posting of this video in the World Wide Web were brought against this woman.

\"Huang was detained by police on suspicion of disseminating pornographic materials,\" the Shanghai Public Security Bureau (PSB) said in a statement (in Chinese) that identified the woman only by her surname, Huang.

Shanghai police said Huang\'s video, called \'East Building Kappa Girl,\' first appeared online sometime before the end of October and spread quickly among Chinese Internet users. The name of the video is an apparent reference to the sportswear section of a Shanghai department store where Huang worked.

\"Based on incomplete statistics, in November alone tens of thousands of Internet users searched on Baidu for information about Kappa Girl every day,\" the PSB statement said, referring to China\'s most popular Internet search engine. 

Huang hoped to capitalize on her notoriety by selling interviews and advertising space on her blog, the official China Daily newspaper reported on its Web site. On her blog, Huang offered to give interviews for 30,000 yuan (US$4,364), the report said