Todd Rundgren is going to make Woodstock a rock town again

altIt became known that famous rock musician, singer and the owner of Utopia Studios in Bearsville (his company situated not far from the Bearsville Theater) Todd Rundgren has an intention to return rock in Woodstock by performing few shows like his concert in Bearsville Theater this Tuesday.

 We want to remind to you that that Mr. Rundgren is one of the legendary symbols of the famous Woodstock festival and it’s not a secret that he always wanted to continue the rock tradition in Woodstock (Bearsville is a little village in the town of Woodstock, that’s why the rock musician decided to start his tour from this hamlet).

Rundgren came to Woodstock through the efforts of Albert Grossman, the legendary Woodstock musical impresario and former manager for Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin. Rundgren was initially brought in as an engineer, but is known as much for his songwriting, which has found its way into the rock \'n\' roll lexicon thanks to tunes such as \"Hello, It\'s Me\" and \"I Saw the Light.\"

Rundgren is on tour in support of his latest CD release, \"Arena.\"

To get a sense of the history with which Rundgren has been involved, consider Meat Loaf\'s classic album \"Bat Out of Hell\" was produced by Rundgren and recorded at Utopia Studios.

That building now houses WDST (100.1 FM) and Rundgren lives in Hawaii.

\"It\'s hard to recognize now,\" he said of his old studio during a telephone interview with the Journal. \"There are smaller rooms.\"

On returning to the region, Rundgren said, \"It\'s not that odd, I don\'t think, for me. I don\'t have, for instance, some sort of lingering agenda about Bearsville. … When I left and finally sold my house, I did it without any regrets. I found that, even though I kept my studio there to come back and do projects in, it was just too much trouble, too much trouble to go back there.\"

He added, \"I have to say that I\'ve been back in the dead of winter - and I don\'t miss it.\"