The participant of Watergate scandal Mark Felt, known as “Deep Throat”, passed away

altThose who still remember the famous Watergate scandal must know the name of one the most important participants who appeared to be in the centre of this scandal. As you have probably guessed, we are talking about Mark Felt known also as \"Deep Throat\", who held a post of the associated director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation when the mentioned Watergate scandal happened. According to officials’ reports, Mr.

Famous actor Sam Bottoms passed away

altWithout any doubt thousands of fans of such popular movie as “Apocalypse Now” know the name of the popular actor Sam Bottoms. According to Los Angeles Times, he passed away recently at the age of 53. Besides “Apocalypse Now” Mr. Bottoms appeared in many popular movies like “Last Picture Show”.

The e-mails titled “Night Befo Crizzmus” contain racist statements!

altThe wave of negative responds from the citizens of Alaska appeared in Internet after the spread of e-mails with subject line “Night Befo Crizzmus” that contained racist statements, particularly concerning new President of the USA Barack Obama.

According to the Alaska officials’ reports, this case is still being investigated because the mentioned e-mails were circulating on the accounts of state government.

Connor Cruise will play young Will Smith in the new movie “Seven Pounds”

altThe night of the 16th of December became not only the night of the big première of the new movie with Will Smith’s leading part, but also turned to be the big day for 13-year-old Connor Cruise, the adopted son of tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, because this is the first movie for the kid where he played the young Will Smith’s character.

Warren Buffet repudiated his granddaughter Nicole Buffet

altA lot of Americans were in shock when famous investor Warren Buffet repudiated his granddaughter Nicole Buffet. In spite of the fact that Nicole is not his relative by blood, she is still a part of the Buffets family because she is the adopted daughter of Peter, Warren Buffett\'s son.

The CCSD representatives are going to close 2 elementary schools

altThe parents of the kids attending 2 rural schools - Goodsprings and Mount Charleston Elementary Schools – are disturbed because CCSD (Clark County School District) representatives informed about their intention to close these small schools. According to CCSD officials’ statement they are going to save money for other schools of this district in such way.

Justin Levens and his wife were found shot

altAccording to Los Angeles Times, the popular American Ex-UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter Justin Levens, also known as the contestant of World Extreme Cagefighting, and his wife Sarah McLean-Levens were found dead last Wednesday. The 28-year-old Justin and 25-year-old Sarah died in their apartment situated in Laguna Niguel. 

Weather forecast informs – no more school delays!

altAccording to the latest news, the weather gets warmer, that’s why there is no need any more for school delays. Few hours ago almost all schools to the north of Philadelphia were opened again. 

However, not all of the problems concerning the consequences of snowstorm that brought tons of snow, ice and sleet were successfully solved. As PECO reported, there are still diffused power cuts all over the affected region.

Representatives of Montgomery county public schools dispose of Washington Post article

altRecently the official representative of Montgomery county public schools (MCPS) and the President of the Montgomery County Board of Education Shirley Brandman and the Vice President of the Board and Chair of the Policy Committee Patricia O’Neill made a statement aiming to falsify the information of Washington Post article entitled “Montgomery Erasing Gifted Label”.

New Jersey supermarket refused to make a birthday cake for Heath Campbell’s son Adolf Hitler

altRather interesting incident happened recently at one of the New Jersey supermarkets when the management denied the request of Heath Campbell concerning the making of a birthday cake with the full name of his 3-year-old son Adolf Hitler Campbell on it. That’s why Heath Campbell with his wife Deborah appealed to the public demanding to reveal some respect and tolerance to their family.


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