Emergency Dentist

altDo you have a problem with your teeth that requires immediate attention? Dental emergencies happen all the time, and fortunately the NHS has a system in place to help you. At the first sign of a problem you should telephone your regular dentist. If the emergency is during normal surgery hours your dentist may make room to see you or refer you to another dentist who can perform an emergency examination or surgery.

Life coaches

altLife coaches often call themselves Personal Coaches or lifestyle coaches and as a profession have been around for a long time with many of their clients limited either to the rich and famous. Nowadays coaching is no longer the reserved for the rich, famous and the select few, but is available to anyone.

Health Jobs

altIf you are looking to start a career in the health or medical sector then you couldn\'t have chosen a better time. Opportunities in both the private and public sectors are on the increase, and any skills you have in these areas are in demand.


altKeeping fit and healthy should be a goal for all of us. We only have one body so we should look after it, and staying in shape and improving our level of fitness is the way to do it. Regardless of our age, colour or background, we all have the opportunity to increase our general levels of fitness. This does not mean that we have to sign up to a gymnasium or health club and punish ourselves on gym equipment every day.

Hair Loss

altIt happens to the best of us! Hair loss, leading to baldness or partial baldness, can strike at any age. Although most hair loss comes as we get older, our genes, poor hair care, pregnancy and sometimes illness means that our hair can start to thin and fall out at a very young age indeed. Hair loss is actually a natural occurrence. At any one time 90% of the hair on our head is growing.


altInsurance is becoming increasingly important in this day and age.

Dental Insurance

altThere is a well-publicised shortage of dentists in the UK, many of whom no longer accept patients on the NHS. Of those that do accept NHS patients, there is often a long waiting list that could prevent you from getting on the dentist\'s books for another two or three years after making your initial inquiry. What are you going to do in the meantime?

BBC One and Two to go live on web

altBBC One and BBC Two will be available to watch live on the internet from 27 November at the same time they are broadcast on terrestrial television.


Viewers will be able to view the \'simulcasts\' by accessing the homepages for each channel on bbc.co.uk.

Credit card firms to share debtors\' data

altUK payments association Apacs has brokered a deal between its credit card issuing members for them to share a greater wealth of customer information.
Up to now credit card companies have shared data on customers\' balances, credit limits and whether their payments are up to date.
From December, Barclaycard, Capital One, GE Money, HBOS and MBNA will share data on customer behaviour to get a better idea on whether a customer i

Opera first to sing on Google Android stage

altOpera Mini 4.2 beta, a test version released for Java phones just two weeks ago, yesterday became the first third-party browser available for Google Android

Opera Mini for Android, which was previewed in April, includes most of the familiar Mini 4.2 features: zooming, saving, bookmarking, and searching for in-line text has stayed intact, as has syncing via Opera Link and swapping skins.


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