Todd Homme from reality show Lifetime\'s Blush passed away

altThe fans of the popular TV reality show \"Blush: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist” that being broadcasted on Lifetime are in shock and grief, because one of the contestants of it has recently passed away. Todd Homme (real name is Todd Robert Wallace) passed away unexpectedly at the age of 23 during his night sleep at his apartment in Manhattan, NY.

Valerian root can help to cure of insomnia

altAs you probably know insomnia is one of the most wide-spread sleep disorders in the world. According to the statistics, annually citizens of the USA spend about 98 $million on purchasing different sleep medicines (very often illegal aids) and 50 million dollars on caffeine tablets for staying awake as long as it possible. Ironic, isn’t it? 

DDA housing scheme 2008 results will be known today

altThe latest news from New Delhi informs that the results of DDA housing scheme will be published soon and the long-expected 5 lakh participants (lakh - an Indian term for 100 thousands people) who were taking part in the DDA Housing Scheme 2008 will be named.

Obama chose Arne Duncan as U.S. Secretary of Education

altArne Duncan, CEO of Chicago Schools, was chosen by the new president Barack Obama for the post of U.S. Secretary of Education.

Natalie Zea shares the secrets of \"Dirty Sexy Money\"

altIn response to all of you who don’t understand what is such big deal with this new ABC TV series \"Dirty Sexy Money\" we want to inform that you can’t drop watching it if you have already watched at least one episode of it. What is such big deal? Judge by yourself – the main characters are beautiful, smart and Rich (this means that they have a lot of money that you can’t even imagine).

AM General and Changfeng still intend to buy Hummer brand

altIn spite of the statement that the representatives of Changfeng made recently concerning their faded interest of buying Hummer brand after testing its facilities in the USA, this Chinese auto manufacturer in the union with AM General still intend to purchase the famous military-styled automotive brand.

New fantasy cartoon \"Delgo\" went flop!

According to Hollywood Reporter (LA), new fantasy cartoon “Delgo” didn’t become the long-expected hit of the season because it couldn’t draw the attention of the potential viewers. 

HBO presents new show “Cat Dancers” with Ron and Joy Holiday

altHBO became famous partly because of its fascinating documentary shows like its new hit of the season \"Cat Dancers,\" in which we can watch the brightest episodes from the life of Ron and Joy Holiday, the family of animal trainers. The way they treat the white tigers, leopards and jaguars is astonishing and courageous because it’s not hard for them to kiss the big cat’s nose or to play with a tiger cub.

MoDOT decided to close East Half of Highway 40 Project

altLast Saturday started with the construction of barricades at Kingshighway. In such way MoDot (Missouri Department of Transportation) carried out the second phase of the shutdown program of Highway 40.

NBA Wizards’ new star Nick Young has to win!

altThe fans of the popular NBA team “Wizards” ask themselves and each other: will the new tactics help the team to win next time?


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