And the winner of “Survivor Gabon” is … Jessica “Sugar” Kiper!? No, Bob Crowley!

altLast week millions of fans were watching the final issue of fascinating TV show of CBS “Survivor Gabon”. Most of viewers expected to see Jessica “Sugar” Kiper as the winner but not all of our dreams come true. And the long-expecting results surprised even the most sophisticated audience. 

The new owner of Red Shield Lynn Tilton hopes for the best

altDuring last 2 weeks since November, 27 the situation concerning Red Shield mill became more stable and not so strained as it was couple weeks ago. Let us remind to you that almost a half of all the workers of this enterprise situated in Old Town were laid off.

MCPS (Montgomery County Public Schools) will be closed because of Inauguration Day

altThis Tuesday the BOE (Board of Education) of Montgomery County decided to make an official statement concerning the closing of all MCPS (Montgomery County Public Schools) on Inauguration Day (the 20th of January, 2009) when the new president of The United States of America will be inaugurated.

Former Nasdaq chairman Bernard Madoff was put under arrest

altThe latest news from San Francisco inform that Bernard Madoff, known as ex-Nasdaq Stock Market chairman who founded the Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, was recently put under arrest. According to FBI statements, the charges that were brought against him this Thursday concern the securities fraud accusation, particularly it deals with the so-called Ponzi scheme.

The famous pinup queen Bettie Page passed away

altOne of the most popular pinup models Bettie Page, who was even proclaimed as pinup queen, passed away recently at the age of 85. Her contribution made during the times of the sexual revolution of the 60s can’t be overestimated, because she became practically a symbol of that rough period of American history.

The modern American society and Gadsden Purchase of 1853-1854

altThe modern American society disputes a lot about the consequences of such historical event as Gadsden Purchase (also known as Treaty). To have a chance of taking part in this passionate debate we must come back in 1853-1854. So, the short excursus into history of the USA begins.

Kelly Ann Abdo appeared in the court again

altThe well-known case of Ms. Kelly Ann Abdo, the former teacher of Monroe High School, is still being investigating in the court. This Monday Ms. Abdo appeared in court because of the charges brought against her. We want to remind to you that the 27-year-old ex-teacher is accused of having sexual contact with 2 under-age students.

Jennifer Aniston agreed to pose almost naked for GQ Magazine

altRecently the popular actress Jennifer Aniston, known to the millions as Rachel from sitcom Friends, posed practically naked, the necktie (the only piece of clothes) hides almost nothing, and maybe that’s why this photo became very popular.

The useful proposal from WHUD and K104 concerns snowfalls’ problems

altAccording to the received information from Fallsburg, there is a new offer from WHUD and K104 that gives a possibility to find out about all the upcoming changes concerning snowstorms. Right now the citizens of this area can order such offer – there will be a text message on your cell phone warning about the delay of airplane departure or closing of a school. Convenient, isn’t it?

Infrared cameras will help to avoid breast cancer

altMost of the women of the modern world have the risk of getting breast cancer. The modern approach of the diagnosing of this form of cancer was limited by mammogram for detection of the possible disease.


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