“The Daily Show” will continue its work without Rob Riggle

altThe famous comic actor and the participant of the popular satirical TV program “The Daily Show” Rob Riggle decided to leave the show after 2 years of working on it. As the actor informed to the press, he is going to work on other projects. Particularly the famous actor will be in the cast of a new criminal show and a comedy series produced by CBS and CBS Paramount Network TV and this gives him a chance to be the star of primetime.

The effect made by scopolamine

altFirst of all let’s try to understand what is scopolamine from the medical point of view. Scopolamine (known also as “zombie drug” and it is almost simultaneous with the Columbian drug \"Devils Breath\") is widely used with a medical purpose, because its main function is being a great anticholinergic.


The popular actor Robert Prosky passed away

altAs Washington Post informs, the famous actor Robert Prosky, who became popular and successful thanks to the great number of supporting characters within hundreds of movies, TV shows and stage plays, passed away recently. A lot of his fans remember him as a familiar sergeant on the \"Hill Street Blues\", the police drama from NBC, and as an awful real estate seller in \"Glengarry Glen Ross”, drama by David Mamet.

The phenomenon of parthenogenesis will substitute a man!

altThe sensational scientific breakthrough was made recently by US scientists when they confirmed the fact that the second case of unblemished conception among sharks has happened. Few facts about the first registered case of 2007 - a female representative of hammer-headed sharks turned to be impregnate without any influence from the human side and without interference of a male shark.

Can pre-eclampsia be caused by exercise?

altEvery modern pregnant woman knows that different physical exercises are useful for her and her future baby. Most of the gynecologists and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services advise them to do exercise regularly during 2 hours per week while they are pregnant and after the birth of a baby. Surely, the physical load shouldn’t become some sort of marathon. Only moderate intensity is recommended.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich faced the charges against him

altThe modern society has already witnessed the world’s greatest political scandals. People got used to see the way the politicians turn to be arrogant, toady and are ready to pretend stupid - all of this they do for achieving of their purposes. However, we may still be surprised and shocked by some political incidents like the charges preferred this Tuesday against Rod Blagojevich, the Governor of Illinois.

WGBA, WBAY, WFRV, WLUK are ready for the digital changeover

altThe most of the local TV stations situated in Northeastern Wisconsin started sharply at 6:10 p. m this Wednesday to test the equipment in order to get prepared for digital changeover that will happen on the 17th of February. 

In case your television wasn’t prepared for these digital changes you may see such message on the screen of your TV set: “If you are seeing this, your television is not DTV ready”.

Wisconsin School closings is a compulsory measure

As mass media continues to inform, the main and impressive snowstorm of the winter of this year becomes the reason of many problems including those connected to education. This Tuesday morning started for the citizens of south central Wisconsin with the unpleasant news that the consequences of the snowstorm will be even worse than everyone expected.

Find out more about the burl wood!

altI bet that not all of you, people, have any clue what is so peculiar with this burl wood. I should reveal some light on this – you see, burl wood is a unique sort of wood; it is widely used by artists for creation of different pieces of art like sculptures, for instance. Some people also make clocks from burl wood or various pieces of furniture.

Visanthe Shiancoe was caught naked in the locker room!

altThis incident has recently happened during the ordinary shooting of the postgame video that was broadcasted on Sunday. So, that’s why all the fans of the Minnesota Vikings had a chance to watch one of their favorite players practically naked in the locker room of the popular team.


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