Will Conan O’Brien take the place of Jay Leno?

altAs you have probably already heard the famous NBC channel is going to hand the hosting of the popular TV show “The Tonight Show” to Mr. Conan O’Brien instead of Jay Leno, who was the constant host of this show since 1993.

The murderer of Jana Shearer was found dead

altThis year the citizens of the United States, especially those from Texas, were horrified by the shocking and horrific murder of Jana Shearer. We want to remind that the main suspect was her boyfriend Christopher McCuin who was accused of murdering the young woman and eating the parts of his former girlfriend’s body. 

The outstanding actress Nina Foch passed away at the age of 84

altNina Foch was the fascinating and the remarkable representative of the Hollywood elite, she managed to become a movie star after her bright appearance in several famous noir films of the 1940s, then she became one of the most respected teachers of directors at the American Film Institute and USC.

New TV series “Leverage” was recently launched on TNT

altWhat is so peculiar in this show? I guess we know already all about the possible variants of a development of a plot of any criminal TV series. But the creators of Leverage managed to make their show interesting and intriguing by giving the different from the others vantage point of a criminal investigation.

Brad Cohen managed to make his dream come true!

altWhat do we know about Brad Cohen? Perhaps some of heard about his best-seller \"Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had”. You must know that it’s not only a fiction. It’s a real story of a person who managed to make his dream come true in spite of the fact he has Tourette\'s syndrome.

SENSATION! The ex-First Lady Laura Bush killed a guy

altThe famous and provocative TV show Family Guy began its last episode with the scene where several characters with one of them looking like ex-First Lady Laura Bush were repeating many times during the show the shocking phrase: “Laura Bush Killed A Guy”.

But this TV show has a bad reputation and we can’t fully trust them. That’s why let’s refer to the real facts.

Plenio VXA-2100 is the best GPS navigator!

altThe Plenio VXA-2100 GPS becomes more popular thanks to its 7-inch wide and very convenient touch-screen the navigation by means of which proposes the possibility of a broader and clearer view to lead exactly to the place of your desirable destination without any problems connected to navigation. Just imagine you can operate with all the main functions of this device only with one touch! Fascinating, isn’t it?

Christmas shopping becomes easier with PriceSpider.com!

altInternet resource PriceSpider.com, which is supported by Neudesic (main Microsoft National Systems Integrator) declared today by means of media channels that it turns to be a useful tool for all those people who are going to buy presents during the annual Christmas shopping season.

Facebook users, beware of “Koobface” virus!

altIt is very dangerous right now to use Facebook options like sending and receiving messages from friends to friends because the virus “Koobface” is back. Let us remind you how it works.
At first you receive the message with the propose and contains the link for watching a clip or video, for example, by visiting Youtube. This is the most common way the virus use to come to your computer.

A popular actor Paul Benedict have recently died at the age of 70

altThe outstanding actor Paul Benedict was more recognizable in the world as Harry Bentley, the whimsical English neighbor whom he played on the popular sitcom \"The Jeffersons\". As the relatives of Mr. Benedict informed, they found him dead late Monday at his own house on Martha\'s Vineyard, Mass. Paul Benedict was 70.


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