A famous jewelry store Harry Winston was robbed

altAs policemen say, a group of armed robbers assaulted recently one of the most famous jewelry stores – Harry Winston, which is situated in Paris. The robbers managed to get a lot of jewels, the common price of which was amounted to millions of dollars. This incident happened this week on Thursday.

Bill Gates says: “Mr. President, you should increase costs!”

altMicrosoft founder and the famous billionaire Bill Gates appealed with the propose to the new government leaded by the recently elected President to increase deficit costs for stimulation the economy in such rough times and assist the most defenseless representatives of the USA.

Resident Evil: now is the cartoon!

altAll of us know the good and horror games of Resident Evil series, all of us have watched the gorgeous trilogy on a wide screen. What else they can propose to Resident Evil fans?


What is the secret of Victoria\'s Secret?

altThe amazing angels of a popular fashion brand Victoria\'s Secret were noticed at the opening of the leading store of this company in NY City.


Who will get Grammy 2009?

altGrammy is an annual music event, where the best of the best musicians receive their deserved awards for their achievements in the universe of music. Every year a lot of people all around the world wait for claiming the potential winners of Grammy Awards. This year had not become an exception. Recently the Grammy nominations were announced and for now we have such results: we can ensure you that Grammy will go to Great Britain?

She hung up on Him? Twice? What was Ileana Ros-Lehtinen thinking about?

altWhat would you do if The President of the USA called up to you? Probably, all of us in such cases would tell him some sort of this: “Yes, Mr. President. I understood, Mr. President. I’ll do my best for my country”. At least, you would pick up the phone if you’ve seen that the President of The USA wants to talk to you. Everyone would do this, right? WRONG! Ileana Ros-Lehtinen didn’t and TWICE!

Life coaches

altLife coaches often call themselves Personal Coaches or lifestyle coaches and as a profession have been around for a long time with many of their clients limited either to the rich and famous. Nowadays coaching is no longer the reserved for the rich, famous and the select few, but is available to anyone.

Health Jobs

Health Jobs

If you are looking to start a career in the health or medical sector then you couldn\'t have chosen a better time. Opportunities in both the private and public sectors are on the increase, and any skills you have in these areas are in demand.


Keeping fit and healthy should be a goal for all of us. We only have one body so we should look after it, and staying in shape and improving our level of fitness is the way to do it.

Hair Loss

It happens to the best of us! Hair loss, leading to baldness or partial baldness, can strike at any age. Although most hair loss comes as we get older, our genes, poor hair care, pregnancy and sometimes illness means that our hair can start to thin and fall out at a very young age indeed.


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